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White Marble

White is the colour of divinity, purity and it breathes life into a space. This colour combined with the regality of marble is maybe one of the most beautiful things you might see. With its gorgeous grey veining that builds intricate patterns around the marble and the stark white against it, makes this marble a go-to option for designers and architects. White marble is one of the marbles that have a higher value in the natural stone market. It can be related to the sleek, polished and luxurious look that a lot of people aim for in their spaces. It succeeds in showing off extravagance along with keeping up a somber façade.

Elements of the White Marble.

  • White marble is beautiful and timeless, it is a type of marble that can be used in any time period and still retain its regality and aesthetics.
  • It has a tendency to enlarge the space it has been used in.
  • It is malleable with any aesthetic, it complements modern as well as vintage installments. It is very versatile; hence it is opted by many decorators, architects and designers.
  • White is a colour that exudes positive attributes like peace and serenity, this type of marble is great for places that need a calm and unmoving environment; like offices, homes and studies.

Why is the White Marble so popular?

The concept of the white colour eventually becoming monotonous is an absolute myth! The popularity of this colour has spiked over the last few years and along with that so has the popularity of white marble Melbourne. People in today’s day have realized the beauty of simplicity. They have been opting for colours like beige and white in order to achieve a minimalistic look in their homes as well as their offices. The contrast between the clean white and the darker veining in the marble creates a marvelous 3D effect with the surface finishes.

White marble is a classic beauty, and we at Sara Stones provide a delightful range of natural white marble for the most affordable prices!

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