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Porcelain Tiles – Large Porcelain Tiles
Melbourne, Australia

Porcelain tiles are a modern type of ceramic tiles. It is manufactured in factories from finer and denser clay that is fired at a higher temperature than any other ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles are very famous and one of the main choices when it comes to building spaces in Melbourne. This tile is not only favoured for its practical usages but is also preferred for the beautiful and intricate designs it displays. It isn’t easy to come across large porcelain tiles as an option while looking for natural tiles due to their manufacturing process. The entire range of porcelain tiles is very cost-effective and is the best when it comes to revamping a space.

Porcelain is highly durable and versatile; hence the products one can make out of them are endless. For example- benchtops and bathroom tiles. Manufacturers have started marketing food-safe porcelain benchtops which is an attraction to a lot of Melbourne homeowners.

Let’s look at the benefits of Porcelain tiles-

  • Durable- With its aesthetics and versatility, porcelain tiles are extremely durable and can handle a lot of foot traffic; hence can be used for commercial purposes. This does not take away from the fact that this tile is very home friendly and is one of the best tiles to use if you have young children or pets.
  • Resistance to liquids- Liquid penetration is highly impossible on large porcelain tiles due to their compact form and low porous quality. This tile has a higher density than most other tiles which makes liquid penetration close to impossible.
  • Stain free- Any liquid staining on this tile is impossible due to the density of this stone. Whether you drop some wine, water, or even some spiced curry, this tile can easily resist stains.
  • Low maintenance- Keeping this tile squeaky clean is no problem at all as it is both stain proof and virtually waterproof. Just a quick wipe in case of spills and a warm water wash along with a little detergent is enough to keep this tile clean, sturdy and well maintained.
  • Heat resistant- Porcelain can be burned up to extremely high temperatures and it will withstand the scorch. It will also prevent the fire from spreading further.

Sara Stones is one of the leading companies in the natural rock industry. We provide the porcelain tile at the most affordable prices.

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