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Marble Off Cuts!

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to cover smaller areas in your house? Marble Off cuts can be your best bet!

Sara Stone offers a wide selection of marble off cuts that are ideal for smaller projects. These stunning pieces of leftover material are mostly the by-product of larger slabs that have been cut and shaped into kitchen worktops. These cut-off pieces are smaller in size and can be used to amp up several spaces of your house.

If you want to use off cuts for your space, our stone experts can help you find the perfect Marble off cuts for you.

Great uses of Marble offcuts
Ideally, marble offcuts can be used for all kinds of projects, and depending on the scale of your project, we can offer you endless options of marble off cuts. We have a plethora of options to choose from, that are certainly suitable for a variety of smaller projects including:

  • Vanity Tops
  • Fire Hearths
  • Out House
  • Coffee Tables
  • Outdoor BBQ Areas or Tables
  • Window sills
  • Utility Rooms
  • Small Kitchens

Are offcuts defective?
Certainly not! Offcuts are stone chunks that have been cut off. Each slab is subjected to quality inspection at our facility. The primary section of the slab is then carved out by our skilled stoneworkers. This will most likely be a substantial item, such as a kitchen worktop. After the main piece has been finished, offcuts are the components that are leftover. We believe that not using offcuts is a waste of resources, thus we strive to find a good home for them in the correct project. This decreases the price for both the buyer who purchased the main piece and the person who purchases the offcut.

If you have a smaller project in mind, marble off cuts are indeed better suited to your application. Sara Stone is an established supplier of natural stones in Australia and our team will suggest the best suitable marble off cuts for your projects. If you have any queries, feel free to call us on (03) 9457 7489. Alternatively, you can also walk into our store where our staff will guide you through our natural stone collections and help you with your queries.

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