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Italian Tiles

Tiles are an essential part of giving a space the character you envision for it. It may be an office, or a home, or a living area. Tiles hold the power to determine what essence the space will exude. Tiles are made out of a lot of raw materials like ceramic, metal, baked clay, or the most popular- stone. A lot of tiles are fashioned out of marble stone. This is due to the longevity and aesthetics of the stone. This stone was first used in constructing tiles by the Greeks but was globally popularized during the ‘80s when it became widely available for flooring.

Look and Feel

Italian tiles have an exquisite look due to the efforts and money that is put into their design, research and production. It has a very minimalistic look that pairs well with the modernistic architectural approach. This is why there is a high demand for Italian tiles in the industry. Designers and architects globally have realised the elegance and class of the Italian tile and arefalling head over heels for the product. The versatility of Italian marble hasn’t gone unnoticed. It has a way of shapeshifting the space and powdering grandeur like fairy dust, elevating the experience of the entire space.

Why opt for Italian Tiles

  • Aesthetic Value The Italian tile has a tendency to breathe life and class into a space that is dull and lifeless. The textures on the tile make an abstract art-like view that makes this tile irresistible. The colours that blend beautifully on stark white give a gradient effect that draws in much attention. Safe to say it is one of the most mesmerizing tiles that can be used for a space.
  • Durability The Italian tile might look delicate and pure due to the design, but one should not be fooled. The truth is au contraire, this tile is highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions. Despite that it can retain its original shine and strength.
  • Affordable The common misconception about Italian tiles is that it might cost a fortune. That is not true. Despite the rich and regal look, it is much more affordable in comparison to a lot of other flooring options that look just as fancy.

Sara Stones is one of the leading companies in the natural rock industry. We provide the Italian tile at the most affordable prices.

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