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Italian Marble

Marble has been the first premium choice throughout centuries in the field of architecture, design, sculpting and more. It is known for its beauty and elegance that attracts people, making it one of the most sought-after materials. Amongst the various types of marbles found, Italian Marble has its own timeless appeal which is very irresistible.Italian Marble is opulent, alluring and most importantly – long-lasting.

The qualities of Italian Marble that make it exquisite!

Italian Marble is found in the different regions of Italy and is world-famous for its look and feel.Being an extremelysoft stone, it has a crystal-like appearance and high lustre. It is considered to be superior because of its purity and durability. Their quality is unquestionable as many ancient statues and buildings made of Italian Marblestill stand tall and firm.

Types of Italian Marble

There are different types of Italian Marbles, which are readily available in several colours and patterns. Each one of them has its own distinctive identity offering a luxurious appeal. You can recreate any space, be itresidential or commercial with the right blend of Italian Marble. At Sara Stone, we currently stock Carrara, Calacatta, Tundra Grey and White varieties of Italian Marble. While Carrara is a light-grey marble that is heavily veined in a dark grey colour, Calacatta on the other hand has white and gold colours that offer a subtle and sophisticated look. Moreover, you can explore a wide variety of Italian marbles at our showroom.

Uses of Italian Marble

Italian Marble can be used in many ways and is not just confined to:





Home Décor

If you are planning to design your interiors, you may consider the beautiful Italian Marble that will instantly enhance your spaces. It is difficult to make the right choice with endless stunning options in the market. However, Sara Stone experts will guide you to choose the best marble for your interiors that match your taste and needs. If you have any queries, feel free to call us on (03) 9457 7489.

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