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Calacatta Marble

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that is used for decorative purposes. Every type of marble is formed the same way, although some marbles have a higher market value than others. These marbles of high market value are preferred by interior designers due to their exotic and classic look. These marbles draw attention due to their rarity and their exquisite look that exudes luxury and prominence. Calacatta Marble is this type of high-end natural stone that can be used in many ways to enhance and amplify the look of a space.

Attributes of the Calacatta Marble!

Calacatta Marble is a precious marble because of its distinctive look- bold and girthy veining along with a stark white appearance in the background. Unlike the soft and structured veining in marbles like Carrara, Calacatta Marble has stronger, dramatic, and unstructured veins. This look is the trademark of Calacatta Marble. The market value of these marbles is judged by how white the background is along with the colour and tone of the marble. The Calacatta Marble Melbourne is used by architects and designers all around the world. The main attraction of this marble is its ability to be manipulated into installations. This is due to the repetitive veining that can be molded into a design. However, this is not possible with other types of marbles because there is no distinctive pattern that a designer or an architect can mold into a design.

Availability and Rarity

The availability of Calacatta Marble is a rare occurrence and hence it is extremely sought-after. This marble is only available in one quarry, in the city of Carrara, located in Italy. This helps the manufacturers control and limit the production of Calacatta Marble Melbourne. It also becomes extremely difficult to produce this marble in winter. It is because of all these factors that contribute to the rarity, expense, and specialty of this marble.

Sara Stone is a leading provider of a magnificent range of Italian marbles, granites and other stone products. Our products are a majestic blend of modern technology and classic natural stones. We can help you provide the best quality Calacatta Marble at reasonable and affordable prices.  If you have any queries, feel free to contact us on 03 9457 7489.

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