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Bluestone Pavers Supplier Melbourne

Bluestone is a solid, reliable, hard-wearing stone. The pavers are buffed with a honing machine to create a smooth surface appropriate for interior and exterior applications, as it is naturally slip-resistant so perfect for swimming pool coping tiles. Sara Stone offers a vast range of floor tiles, wall cladding, steps, paving stones and pool coping for any project, and we offer competitive prices for top quality bluestone in Melbourne.

Bluestone, with its appealing texture and character, will add a distinctive touch and timeless appeal to your project. Bluestone is a versatile, heavy-duty paving stone perfect for landscaping and driveways. Bluestone will last, retaining its appearance for decades, and will respond to sealing, so cleaning is easy.

Bluestone is durable, slip and scratch resistant, and can be used to create tiles and pavers for both internal and external use. Bluestone closely resembles concrete; it is hard and dense with a fine honeycomb grain. We can supply bluestone in a wide range of sizes and to various thicknesses, so talk to us today about the right product for your project.

Supremely Victorian, Bluestone has been the most popular paving stone in Melbourne for ages. Sara Stone’s classic, resilient and low-maintenance Bluestone paver in Melbourne is a perfect and hardscaping choice for both modern as well as contemporary homes. Having been the best bluestone supplier in Melbourne, our Bluestones boast the finest quality and multiple finishes.

Bluestone Pavers & Tiles

Available in rich cool dark blue-grey hues, Sara Stone’s versatile Bluestone is suitable for a plethora of applications both indoors and outdoors. These beautiful pavers offer the strength and durability that is a prerequisite for Melbourne homeowners and can be customised according to the choice of size, shape, surface texture and format. Sara Stone’s bluestone pavers in Melbourne can be used to create amazing courtyards, pool surrounds, elegant interior tiling, garden paving, driveways and pathways.


Bluestone Pool Coping

The stylish and hardwearing Bluestone is exclusively used for pool coping by Melbourne pool owners. These pool surrounds or pool edging pavers at Sara Stone can be found in multiple styles such as square edge, bullnose or rebated. Owing to their slip-resistant qualities accompanied by a sawn finish, these bluestone pavers are the most favorable option for outdoor use near the pool. Moreover, their anti-glaring and heat resistant qualities make them all the more preferable.

Bluestone Internal Flooring

Offering functionality and appealing aesthetics, Bluestone floor tiles are a valuable addition to any Melbourne home. These natural blue-grey coloured tiles, often understated, lend an air of sophistication to home interiors. With a smooth and polished-like hardwearing finish, these tiles have stood the test of time and can hide marks better than ceramic tiles. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, these tiles can offer a harmonious and seamless visual appeal throughout your house.


Bluestone Wall Cladding

Architects and designers make significant use of this natural stone for creating feature walls that become the focal point of any space, whether indoors or outdoors. Victorian homes and gardens in Melbourne have seen excessive use of this stone to enhance their beauty. In addition to that, these wall tiles are best for wet areas such as the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Apart from their internal use, outdoor wall cladding equally offers the best weather resistant facades and beautiful garden hardscaping that look extremely beautiful.

Bluestone Driveway Pavers

Driveways should withstand high traffic and vehicle pressure and thus need pavers that offer extreme sturdiness and durability. The only natural stone paver that offers these qualities is the hardwearing Bluestone which does not split or crack due to constant pressure and can be maintained easily for a longer period of time. With their dark charcoal grey colours, bluestone pavers in Melbourne can easily hide tyre scuffs, oil marks and usual signs of wear and tear.



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